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Transart Foundation:

“The Transart Foundation for Art and Anthropology is proud to present Houston Hauntology a series of revealing conversations about Houston’s hidden visual culture featuring noted local artists, architects, art historians and critics, curated by Valentin Diaconov.

Valentin Diaconov, born 1980 in Moscow, is an internationally recognized critic and curator. Valentin Diaconov is a curator and critic who has received international recognition. He is the critic at the Core Program of Museum of Fine Arts Houston. He writes on art for,, e-flux Criticism, and other publications.”

Installation view of the exhibition “Chloe Chiasson – Keep Left at the Fork”

2. Chloe Chiasson: Keep Left at the Fork
Dallas Contemporary
October 13, 2023 – March 17, 2024

“In a process that combines painting and carpentry in defiance of traditional distinctions between fine art and craft, Chloe Chiasson’s large-scale work highlights queer life and visibility. She collages images from various time periods to suggest different histories: real, fictional, or repressed.

Chiasson, in her first solo exhibition at a museum, revisits Americana images from her previous work in order to continue exploring nonconforming identities and sexualities in environments similar to those of her Texas childhood. The artist describes the sculptural works as an imaginative drive through a small southern city, where young adults and teens from rural backgrounds take ownership of the storefronts, back yards and riverside parking lot. Chiasson lays before us the trappings of nostalgia as it appears for most southerners, while challenging us to consider a rewritten narrative, one that not only includes but celebrates queer identity within this distinct cultural context.”

A designed graphic promoting an exhibition at Mass Gallery.

3. Hyper Femme
Mass Gallery (Austin),
January 27 – February 20, 2024
Reception on January 27, 6-9 pm

From the Mass Gallery

Hyper Femme explores what it means to present yourself as ‘ultra feminine’ in a world where femme bodies are considered consumable and expendable. Femme expression is generally thought as women’s default form, rather than an actively constructed identity. This show explores femme as a term that’s claimed, rather than accepted, as not just foil to the masculine (whether of men or of the femme-butch dyad), but as an exclamatory statement of self, a hyper-performance of gender, a giggle that’s in on the joke.”

A work by Andrea Bianconi featuring a negative space image of a flower arrangement in a vase.

Andrea Bianconi

4. Andrea Bianconi: Invisible Dance
Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston
January 12 – February 13, 2024

Barbara Davis Gallery

Barbara Davis Gallery is proud to present Invisible DanceAndrea Bianconi has a solo exhibit. This is Bianconi’s 15th exhibition with gallery.

Andrea Bianconi’s latest exhibition analyzes the relationships between rational and irrational, what exists between the soul and body, what is between fiction and reality.

A work of art by Meredith Dean featuring constellations.

Meredith Dean

5. Meredith Dean – Star Time
Dock Space Gallery, San Antonio
January 13 – 30, 2024

Dock Space Gallery

“Meredith Dean is a printmaker, painter, mixed-media artist known for creating bold, colorful abstract works. She taught at UTSA for many years as a Senior lecturer. She also served on important San Antonio and Regional arts boards.

Meredith Dean was inspired by her interest for mapping (topographical and land, road, skies, magnetic flow patterns earthquake faultlines, wind directions cartographic projections etc.). Meredith Dean’s interest in mapping (topographical, land, road, sky, magnetic flow patterns, earthquake fault lines, wind directions, cartographic projections, etc.) has inspired her. She is trying to capture the world with maps and data, but is confronted with the reality of constant changes in nature. These opposing but mutually dependent ideas have influenced the imagery she uses across several media including printmaking, epoxy structures, drawing and photography. Dean uses shifts of forms and color to create a personal, investigative system to express the inter-changeable, constantly shifting poetic, visual signs, and symbols with which we attempt to describe our world.”

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