Interview with Art Critic Frances Colpitt


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The second instalment of the second instalment of the second in A seriesExtended interviews using unused footage from the production of Breaking the Code the recent documentary film on artist Vernon Fisher, this conversation with Frances Colpitt (1952–2022) was recorded in 2021 at the renowned art historian’sHome in Fort Worth Colpitt’s eloquent explanations of the history of modernism and postmodernism as well as conceptual art make it clear why she has been a sought-after author, curator and educator for decades. 

Breaking the CodeThe film will screen in the Visual Arts Center of San Antonio College, at 1:45 PM on February 12, and at the Wyatt Theatre of Museum of Fine Arts Houston, at 2 PM on March 17, 2020. Visit breakingthecodefilm.comFor more information about streaming and upcoming screenings.

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