Drawing : Stained glass: Session nine


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The edges of the leg are darkened by oil-based paint.

The previous painting session was now over and I had to finish off the last bits of Sooty’s facial features; two spots for eyeballs and a roughly triangle-shaped mouth. But before I did that, I needed to see how the pieces would fit together so that I would know how the leading would work with the position of the eyes and the nose. It took me the majority of the session to grind the edges of every piece so that I could know where the final painted elements were going to be. Once construction starts, I will have to do this for all areas. It was helpful to start with one area to gauge the amount of work.

In order to ensure the grinding was correct, I went back to my cartoon and placed each of the pieces on top. This time, I marked with a white Sharpie, any bits of shards of glass that extended beyond the central black line that represented thickness of the ‘H” section’s centre.

Laying the glass back onto the cartoon

After fitting Sooty back together, I was able simply to paint the final areas using a lavender-oil black paint mixture and flooding technique. I had to work fast, because you don’t want the paint to dry on you and if your paint doesn’t flow, it’ll very likely blister when you fire it in the kiln. Each small area of the painting was flooded by re-mixed, diluted paint. It is important to remember that the paint will dry out and change consistency between each flooding. 

Flooding of the nose and eyes

After the flooding was complete, I had to put everything back together (being careful to not disturb the eye and nostril paint). Then I could see if the arm sections still needed work. I would also be able to see how the leg drawing fit within the darker boarder. I would also be able determine if the area around fused frits that now formed the heel required reworking. I considered using silver stain around the frit edge, but decided against it, hoping the leading would visually bind the various elements.

The final part was spent assembling the entire window on the lightbox so that final decisions could be taken before the silver staining. Then it was decided that I would do a quick session to finish this before the Xmas holiday. Hopefully, the two sections of Sooty’s head will be fired next week. 


The window is assembled to check the light box

Frit ‘heel-pain’ section and leg that now has its edge darker

NB: I write up these sessions after reflecting on the event using written notes and photographic evidence taken on the same day. The actual session took place in mid-December. 

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