Anthony Tremmaglia : Textured Journeys of Art and Form


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A Creative Genesis

Anthony Tremmaglia‘s journey into the world of art is a tale of diverse influences converging into a singular, creative force. Tremmaglia grew up in a family that embraced art as a way of living. His Italian father was an architect and carpenter, while his Greek mother was a business administrator who had a passion for music. This ensured Tremmaglia a life filled with artistic stimulation. This eclectic upbringing, where music, art, and culinary delights were not just aspects of life but celebrations in their own right, laid the foundation for Tremmaglia’s artistic identity. His early years were marked by an insatiable desire to create. He spent countless hours drawing on whatever surface he could. These formative years were further enriched by his father’s influence, with whom he shared endless drawing sessions, often on textured wooden surfaces that left an indelible mark on his artistic sensibilities.

Tremmaglia’s artistic style, deeply rooted in these early experiences, blossoms into a unique fusion of organic and inorganic elements. His artworks consist of intricate amalgamations in which natural world motifs are intertwined with abstract, sculptural shapes. This synthesis creates dramatic interplay between textures – the tactile roughness and fluidity of the forms reminiscent liquid metal. This textural dance speaks to a deeper narrative – a contemplation of the intricate relationship between the man-made and the natural world. The use of monochromatic colors punctuated by vibrant hues further emphasizes this dramatic tension. Each piece is a carefully balanced composition, leading the viewer’s eye on a dynamic visual journey. Anthony’s technique, suggestive of digital manipulation, blurs the boundaries between traditional and contemporary art forms, imbuing his works with a sense of both hyper-realism and fantastical otherworldliness.

Anthony Tremmaglia, Navigating The Artistic Landscape

Tremmaglia’s foray into a professional artistic career was not a straightforward path. Initially pursuing graphic design as a profession, he found his unique voice through photo collage, embracing the use of simple colors, textures, negative space, and powerful use of negative spaces. His early influences such as David Carson and Paul Rand played a major role in shaping his art language. Anthony’s career trajectory saw him navigate through diverse realms – from working in hospitality for restaurants and corporate clients to collaborating with museums on historical exhibits. The time he spent at Sheridan College, Toronto, under Gary Taxali and Riccardo stampatori’s mentorship, was pivotal. He developed a deep interest in charcoal and its potential to express himself, which led him to spend a decade working as an illustrator in Ottawa.

His style, which is more of a personal form than a rigid one, has evolved over the past 25 years. It was shaped by observations and experiences in life. Rejecting the notion of adhering to current trends, Anthony’s work is a response to his introspections and relationships, focusing on themes like existential thought and creation. His recent ‘Refugia’ series, borne out of the pandemic period, is a testament to this approach. These paintings, which draw inspiration from nature, are an exploration of survival and optimism, with each piece delving into concepts of refuge and endurance. Tremmaglia’s artistic expression is deeply spiritual, reflecting universal yet intensely human themes. He is constantly trying to distill his work down to its essence. He focuses on fundamental aspects such as the human form and nature and steers clear of passing artistic trends.

The Artistic Proces: Creating an Unique Visual Language

Delving into Anthony Tremmaglia’s artistic process reveals a fusion of meticulous attention to detail and a profound connection to the materials he employs. In his mature work, the textures that fascinated him as a child, when he drew on wood with his dad, have evolved into an advanced language of texture and form. Tremmaglia’s technique is a masterful amalgamation of charcoal, chalk, and acrylic, painted on paper mounted to wood, all encased in plexiglass. This approach highlights the challenges of media and the control over light but also blurs between painting, sculpture and plexiglass. Tremmaglia’s work is entirely analog, creating a visual experience that is both deeply rooted in reality and ethereal in its execution. The dichotomy in his work – the rough, rock-like textures contrasted with the smooth, flowing forms that often incorporate the human figure – serves not just as a stylistic choice but as a narrative device. This narrative explores the relationship of the natural world with human creativity. The use of colour enhances his exploration. While predominantly monochromatic in nature, the use of vibrant colors to accent dramatic tension and balance is a great way to draw the eye.

The contemplative nature of Tremmaglia’s work is further emphasized by its dynamic visual narrative. Each piece is an instant in time, suggesting motion and transformation. This quality makes his work not only a visual feast, but also a narrative journey for viewers. His work challenges the audience to engage, to delve deep into the layers of meaning and to contemplate the relationship they have with the world. From an art curator’s perspective, Anthony’s pieces are more than just additions to a collection; they are provocations, invitations to rethink our perceptions of reality and our place within the natural and man-made worlds.

The Evolution of Anthony Tremmaglia, Embracing Challenge and Change

Tremmaglia’s journey through different mediums and experiences culminated in Anthony’s distinct approach to art. His refusal of being confined to a certain style reflects the belief that art is an evolving language. His works, which are characterized by a reduction of fundamental elements such as the figure and nature to the essence of the subject, remove distractions. Tremmaglia’s approach is not just about creating art; it’s about communicating in a way that is deeply personal and universally resonant. His introspective nature is what drives his artistic exploration. He focuses on themes like relationships, the universe, and existential thinking. This introspective journey is evident in his ‘Refugia’ series, where each painting is not just an artistic endeavor but a reflection on optimism and resilience in challenging times.

Anthony has been fortunate enough to collaborate with Steidel Contemporary and showcase his work in some of the most prestigious Art Fairs. His art has been displayed at events like Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary and plans are in place to feature it during Art Basel week later this year.

Anthony Tremmaglia’s artistic journey is testament to the power that personal experience, introspection and reflection can have in creating art which is both deeply personal and universally resonated. His unique visual language, evolving through various influences and mediums, invites viewers to engage with his work on multiple levels, offering a window into the artist’s soul and a mirror reflecting their own experiences and perceptions.

Visit Anthony Tremmaglia’s website to learn more about his art and for more information. and follow him on Instagram: @tremmaglia.

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