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A Hope for Peaceful 2024

“Every dead child is a loss for all.” This past Thursday, hundreds of people dressed in black gathered in a silent, solemn processional through midtown New York City, to mourn the thousands of children killed during the October 7th Hamas terrorist attack on Israel and the Israeli bombardment of Gaza that has followed. The procession resembled a funeral more than a rally. The procession was silent, with people walking in pairs to a mournful beat, carrying signs with photos of Palestinian and Israeli babies who had died since early October. They also carried effigies wrapped in white cloth of the dead babies. Led by the Jewish Elders for Palestine and JVPNY, the group wound its way up 6th Avenue from Bryant Park to Times Square, and then down a few blocks to a plaza where the mourners, some in tears, laid the effigies of the babies down in front of a banner that read, “Ceasefire Now.”

This is one of my drawings of people lining for the procession. You can read the rest of the article You can find out more about this by clicking HERE.

I don’t pretend to have any answers to the horrible situation in the Middle East, Ukraine, or in so many other areas of conflict around the world. As we approach 2024, I only know that too many children will die. I hope for peace by 2024, even though it seems futile. I’m writing to you all, both the world as a whole and personally.

Happy and a Hopeful New Years 2024.

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