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We are delighted to spotlight Peter PookAs our featured monthly contributor. He hails from Canada, and has been a member of the 360Cities family since September 17, 2009.

A self-taught photographer with an insatiable curiosity for the art, Peter’s passion for photography has been a constant companion throughout his personal and professional journey. His explorations span a variety of fields, including macro and microscopic photography, stereoscopic and infrared photography, and panorama photography.

Peter has spent the last few years exploring the fascinating worlds of wide-field composite images and capturing spherical and panoramic views of both the industrial and natural environment. His work seamlessly combines artistic expression and scientific exploration.

Peter has been awarded the Expert status by the 360Cities Community. He has over 200 panoramic images to his credit. During the month of January, he shared with us 24 captivating 360º images, each offering a unique view into different locations. From the scenic Madeira Island to the historic churches and museums of the Azores, Peter’s work invites viewers to join his visual journey.

Explore the World with Us Peter Pook’s 360Cities profile, where every image tells a tale of artistry and discovery. Join us to celebrate Peter as the standout contributor of February!

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